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With over 100 years of history, EDC is a business steeped in tradition, and one that has produced a variety of innovations. Probably you will find at home at least one product made by EDC; a LP, a music cassette, a CD, a DVD or a BluRay-disc.


EDC GmbH is a company which is characterized by tradition and directed by forward-looking approach. Read more about the


and our


EDC Pressing plant

Europe’s leading pressing plant.

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EDC Logistics

Fully-automated logistics situated in the centre of Germany and central Europe, unique connection to all transport modes. Click here for the 


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EDC injection moulding

Because EDC is DIN/ISO 16949 certified it ranks among the plastic splashing foundries in Germany which are certified for the production for the automotive industry. Here you will get an impression on

plastic injection moulding

EDC E-Cigarettes Factory

E-cigarettes – Made in Germany, certified according to DIN ISO 9001. EDC is a White Label E-Cigarettes Factory in Germany.

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Lamiya Slimani besucht EDC

Lamiya Slimani hält ihr neues Album das erste Mal in ihren Händen!

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